Moderation & Reportage

Telling stories that have a soul, a heartbeat and humor! That’s what you get when you ask Paula to host an event, a tv show or go out to report on a specific topic!

Paula Koch has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a traineeship in journalism.

After spending a few years exploring the theatre stage and film sets as an actress, she also started working at a local TV station to gain more insight in every day life. As a reporter, she covered all topics from politics to sports and culture. After working there for 1 1/2 years she got promoted to host the TV station’s 30 minute daily news show which included a 10 minute live talk with a daily new guest.

Paula is now working as a:

+ freelance reporter and filmmaker

+ TV presenter

+ host for events

+ media coach

+ film producer.

She is fluent in German, English and Italian.

For information about Paula working as an actress, please go to: Acting


It was a pleasure presenting:

Humboldt Forum Highlights in different locations 2018/2019 in Berlin


TV News Show
Learning a new craft…
Learning a new craft…

Fun in the TV Studio

Hosting an event
Interviewing personalities on TV
Interviewing personalities on TV
Interviewing personalities on TV
In the TV studio- guests from the movie: Mandy, das Sozialdrama
Interviewing politicians on TV