Paula D




Creative Producer


About Me

Growing up in Germany, the US and Italy ignited my love to explore. My heart starts to soar when I meet people who open up about their lives and perspectives.

What projects do you like?

I am especially interested in stories concerning women, family matters and equality matters.

What makes you itchy? I don’t really like to sit for a long time. I love to be on the move. Walking is my thing. If there are trees and some mountains, even better!

And when it comes to music? I am more a swing and 50's singer than modern. Good music and dancing are my drugs.

When do you get competitive? Playing a good cards game!


What’s so special about acting to you? I can explore the lives of many- get to know their thoughts and motivations and explore live as that character, do things I personally would probably never do. How great is that?!

On stage or in front of the camera? Both are awesome! I love the time you are given when rehearsing a play. Having weeks to get to know your character is such a gift... Being on stage is an amazing energy I only get in film when improvising which I love! Camera work on the other hand has a special intimacy which I don't want to miss.


Through my work as an actress, journalist and host, I want to make more ​womens’ stories visible, seen and heard. We need more role models for ​children, for young adults. Role models for fair play in relationships an​d families. Role models for following your passions, Thinking about if one’​s job is harming or uplifting others. Being part of projects that make ​people feel good a​bout themselves.

What’s next?

I could imagine anything! A crazy kid’s movie, a cool detective story, a film musical? Who knows! There is always some excitement around the next bend.

Let's Work Together

to make people smile, feel good about themselves, maybe even discover

their passions or just step out their life for a moment and get excited about someone else's.